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Recently, after seeing a demonstrations of art created using Photoshop, I came to the conclusion that I could be creating things using my interest in both photography and computers to my advantage.

I'm still at the stage where I'm still discovering what can be done, so the outcomes are usually quite simple, with nowhere near the complexity of the demonstrations I'd seen. Each one is a lesson learned at the moment, There must be many more lessons to come.

It's all good fun though, and I sold my first print almost immediately.

I still like to include some part of the image that has been drawn or painted so that it doesn't become too mechanical. That is not always the case though.

Hopefully I can take this further in the future.

Typeface (A3)

Would You 'Adam and Eve' It (A3)

The Studio (A4)

Can't See The Wood For The Trees (A3)

Apple of My Cubist Eye (A3)

High Rise Sunrise (A3)

Dead As The Dodo (A3)

Candidate #3 (A3)

Candidate #2 (A3)

Candidate #1 (A3)

Storm on the Coast (A3)

Black Rock Bay (A3)

On The Side Of A Hill (A3)