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When I first started painting 8 years ago I set myself a few targets.

Firstly I wanted to enjoy what I was doing, and to be able to lose myself in it for a few hours at a time.

Then, although I knew I would never reach the heights, I wanted to reach a point where I was, at least, not embarrassed to display my work to others.

I think I've reached that point, and this webpage is one of those milestones.

I love the work of Pissarro, Sisley, Gruppe and Seago and I think that shows. At the same time I would love to be adventurous in the style of the Fauves, and modern painters such as Chris Forsey. I have gone a little in that direction with other media, but my oils seem to stay quite traditional.

With oils I just love to paint clouds,and the bottom half of the picture is very often just an afterthought. However water, boats and trains are also likely to find their way in somewhere as well.


A View Across The Estuary (20"x16" )

Seago's Branchline (20" x 16" )

The Early Train (20" x 16" )

Hare in the Snow (16" x 12" )

Polperro (20" x 16" )

Winter Road (16" x 12" )

Flood (16" x 20" )

The Shed (16" x 12" )

The Road To Croome ( 20" x 16" )

West Malvern View ( 15" x 12" )

Silver Birch ( 20" x 16" )


The Ploughed Field ( 12" by 16" )

Village Snow ( 12" by 10" )

Laugherne ( 16" by 12" )

Stone Angel ( 12" by 16" )

Golden Shores ( 12" by 16" )