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For a long time before I started painting I'd made several attempts at doing watercolours, which always ended in disaster and delayed my interest for a few years on each occasion.

Since working in oils, though, I have found I have become a lot more slapdash and carefree with this medium, and the results are generally much better.

I'm still quite capable of making a complete and utter "pig's ear" of it, it's just that the percentage of successes have now gone up. Here's some that I consider to be on the plus side of average.

What's really annoying is I can't really work out what happens when I produce stuff only worthy of the bin. It just happens.

Powick New Bridge (12"x 8")

Teasels (12" x 8" )

Bird Sanctuary(12" x 8" )

River Teme (12" x 8" )

Teasels (12" x 8" )

River Teme (12" x 8" )

Scottish Harbour (12" x 8" )

Thrush (12" x 8" )

Thames Barges (12" x 8" )

Salt Marsh (12" x 8")

Pin Mill (12" by 8")

The Stables (14" x 10")

Tenby (12" x 8")

Sunset (14" x 10")

Lakeside Pathway (12" x 12")